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It's All a Dream

March 8, 2009
By smileforthecamera GOLD, Syosset, New York
smileforthecamera GOLD, Syosset, New York
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In my dreams, I can lift
Boulders the size of cars
And can hold my breath longer
Than fish in the ocean
I leap higher and run faster
And think harder without
Ever missing a beat
But all dreams fade
When I lose the strength
To lift my book bag
Not nearly the size of a car
And come up for air every three strokes
At practice after school
When I hit my shin on a hurdle
Or can't beat out the bus
As it drives away, leaving me
Stranded and alone
And I know it's only a dream
When the teacher gives me three weeks
To write a poem for class
And three months later I hand in
What I only hope will suffice

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