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March 19, 2009
By E.Lee GOLD, Akron, Ohio
E.Lee GOLD, Akron, Ohio
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The feelings inside me overflow as they override my senses. I'm too caught up to function. They penetrate through me, seeping into every part of me. It's pretty awkward how I balance them all. I mean I’m basically putting on a show because it's not real; it's just how I appear. But there is one emotion that dominates them all. I can hide it from everyone but me, I'd rather not guess. It's out of my hands, but maybe in yours. I'm lost, clueless, and ready to just give. This feeling is like a sweet fragrance, it seems so familiar, but in a different way. You can't put your finger on it, and you don't want to lose it. You can't help but to grab onto it. I'll try not to let it slip. When you figure out what’s going on then let me know. But until then I'll sit, and keep "him" in mind.

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E.Lee GOLD said...
on May. 17 2010 at 10:38 am
E.Lee GOLD, Akron, Ohio
15 articles 0 photos 168 comments
thanks alot:)

on Sep. 29 2009 at 11:09 am
zachroyal PLATINUM, Johnson City, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
"I Am but Mad North-northwest: When the Wind is Southerly I Know a Hawk from a Handsaw"

"Its pretty awkward how I balance them all"

Awesome, awesome line.