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Never Can I Forget...

April 5, 2009
By Shereen N BRONZE, Dumont, New Jersey
Shereen N BRONZE, Dumont, New Jersey
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Never can I forget that remarkable day you both were born,
Never can I forget the plentiful amount of joy that filled my heart.
Those unbelievably long minutes that I eagerly spent in the waiting room.
A mixture of varying emotions
Excitement, nervousness, impatience, worry
I was unable to keep myself in one spot,
Over time I began to lose the little bit of patience that was left
Then came that moment I awaited.
Seeing my dad gleefully walk up to me,
To give me the greatest news that I had ever heard in my life
He told me I had now become an elder sibling!
A sibling of a beautiful set of twins,
One gorgeous sister and one handsome brother.
A dream that I had for several years,
An unfulfilled wish to become a sibling,
You both had finally fulfilled it on that day
Although I knew I would have to be a lot more responsible now,
I was way too happy to be worried about all that.
And till this day,
No matter how naughty I think you guys have become,
I am always thankful,
So thankful to God,
For giving me such adorable siblings
And for making my biggest dream come true.
Never can I forget this favor that God has done for me!

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