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Ballad of the Night

February 18, 2019
By CaesarMagnam BRONZE, Almaty, Other
CaesarMagnam BRONZE, Almaty, Other
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Once upon a snowy day

There was a horseman tall.

His home was far from him away,

And nobody there was to call.


He took his lantern, looked around,

"We're lost!" - he told his horse.

"I don't like much this ghastly ground.

I feel some evil force..."


"It seems so strange to me," he said.

"This force is somewhere near!"

There was a shadow in the trees

That made him full of fear.


"Come on, my friend! Let's get away

From devil of the night.

I hope we'll find a place today

Where we can calmly hide!"


The ghoul pursued them all the way,

And they could barely hide

From evil force in a meadow

Where Horseman saw a light.


"It's burning bright! To God I swear!"

His heart was full of joy.

"We should right now get over there,

Then we will rest, my boy."


They rushed and rushed, and Horseman yelled:

"It is a wooden inn! 

So much of cheer I've never felt!

So glad I've never been!"


The ghost of Night was glad he'd catched 

The horseman and his soul,

Who didn't know it was a trap,

A grave for him to fall.

The author's comments:

This poem was written by me long ago, and the time has told me it is ready to get published. This is only the first part of the whole composition.

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