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December 4, 2009
By emilyj93 GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
emilyj93 GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
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Does grief ever die?
or does it only dwindle?
caught somewhere far in the middle
where it lives to manifest itself
in barely tolerable pain
and then it slowly goes away
to reappear again...
and again.
it strikes again
does it ever go away?
a child who's misgiven
a short life cut away
do they ever really die?
do they go away?
or do they live in the grief they've thrust our way
if it's true that they live in grief
are we glad that it may stay?
if in grief some life is satisfied
are the tears meaningful that way?
for it seems that once the crying stops
the grief is all in vain
and once said grieving does die off
so do those on which it prays

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