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War of Gods

August 11, 2010
By Reddevlin SILVER, Douglas, Massachusetts
Reddevlin SILVER, Douglas, Massachusetts
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It had begun many millennia ago,
During the time of sadness and woe,
Where darkness was in a deep descent,
And the good of mankind was all but spent.

Some may wage that “all the world’s a stage”,
And people are players from every age,
But only few know who watches the show,
The gods are the audience, both above and below.

Our world is their playground, the gods above,
Manipulating us with a push and a shove,
But when a person decides to fight back,
Humans better be ready and prepared for attack.

The gods do not take, a war so very lightly,
For simple fun for them is carnage unsightly,
And our race knows not of the powers they hone,
For in a single flick they can blast through stone.

But the humans were smart, and so did they start,
To prevent the world from being ripped all apart,
By building their armies, their weapons, their tools,
While all the gods looked on them as total fools.

Ignorance leads to downfall, the gods should have known,
As one descended from his powerful throne,
He expected to win, without any trouble,
But before his own eyes, power brought to rubble.

The balance was changed, the gods were aware,
And throughout the universe developed a tear,
For when the very gods themselves are able to die,
What can that be saying for both you and I?

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