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Brighter Forever

January 25, 2011
By LivingLiar GOLD, Manila, Other
LivingLiar GOLD, Manila, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Lie after lie I die with my soul ravished.

Smile for me
Now that you're leaving me.
Grant me that Luxury
Leave me this pain
Spare me thy Memory
And I'll remember that smiling face
The next time we meet

If we ever cross our paths again
Will you still love me as I am?
Even if life has changed my fate
Even if you don't recognize my face
Even if you don't remember my name
And I'm a different person from the one you knew
You cared, You loved, You remember

Don't you?
I guess you remember.
Don't you?
I hope you'll remember

That I danced on that night
Without a song to put in my mind
Under the bright moonlit sky
The stars that never shined brighter than that night
In your arms I rest
My weary heart

I don’t know if you'll remember
I don't know if you recall
Something so special it happens only once
And it'll be never felt again
Even if the night is nice
Even if the breeze is cold
Even if the stars would shine
It would never be brighter than that night
Nothing could ever be brighter than that night

Than you.

The author's comments:
Breaking up with someone you're so in love. But it had to be done. YOU had to do it.

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