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My Hell

January 31, 2011
By LoveLostNeverFound GOLD, Freeland, Pennsylvania
LoveLostNeverFound GOLD, Freeland, Pennsylvania
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My scars don't lead me in the path that I'm headed, they simply remind me of where I've been.

I'm tied up to a chair in a dark room. Do you know where I am? I'm incapable of escaping this place I call hell. No food or water to keep my strength. Only thing keeping me alive is to one day escape my own personal hell, my mind. I can never escape the truth. I can never run from my mind. It's always there haunting me, lurking in the shadows. Watching and waiting for the time i screw up. Now the world is out to get me. To chew me up and spit me out. I've told you my story, It's at an end. And here I am, still tied up to the same chair in the same dark room where I shall be trapped forever.

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