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Power's Out!

July 19, 2011
By KatrinaCampbell GOLD, Aguadilla, Other
KatrinaCampbell GOLD, Aguadilla, Other
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When God answers your prayers, you have faith in His abilities. When He doesn't, he has faith in YOUR abilities!

Thunder claps outside the window,
lightning sizzles in the air.
Darkness in every room,
but we don’t really care.

When the computer doesn’t work,
and the television doesn’t run,
we’re not hiding under our covers.
No, we make our own fun.

Us two children, we’re quite a sight
bounding through the halls.
Careful not to break anything,
and carpet to muffle our falls.

Flashlights dance across the walls,
as we try to play a game
of who can catch the “fairy”.
No, don’t run into the picture frame!

Careful not to wake mom or dad,
in our childish glee we charge.
In the dark we can be anything,
a dragon, ninja, or an elephant quite so large.

Brother and sister don’t usually get along,
so this opportunity is quite special.
Instead of antagonizing,
we rid ourselves of that label.

When the storm stops,
and the power comes back on,
the magic will be lost
and the silliness will be gone.

But as soon as the rain starts falling,
we’ll bring the façade to a close.
For what can we come up with on a stormy night?
Only the night itself knows.

The author's comments:
Reminiscent of being really little :)

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