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if only

November 23, 2011
the-tears-im-crying-dont-deserve-you PLATINUM, Batesville, Indiana
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love comes and goes,
just like the watter flows

when people say mean things to people,
they have no idea how much it kills them inside,
if only someone would show some love to those people,
they wouldn't commit suicide,

if only people were nice,
and show some respect,
to those who are nice,
and those feelings would reflect,

if only people would show that they care,
and show it to those who need it,
then those peole would still be there,
there would be no more sad fits

if only people would just amit,
that they hurt them,
and that they caused it,
and their chances were slim,

if only people would just see,
how much it hurts them,
and not be greedy,
and not brake the fragile limb,

if only people would stand up,
to bullying,
and not give up,
on those being bullied,

if only people could help,
people in their time of need,
and really help,
in planting the caring seed,

if only people would stop,
and look hard in their eyes,
and involve the cops,
and hear all the greatful shighs,

if only people would understand,
and try to make it better,
by lending a helping hand,
and begin to rebuild the shelter,

if only people could feel the same way,
then they would know,
they to would want to fly away,
and no one would know,

if only people would do all these things,
then there would be no suicied,
and all the birds would sing,
and no one would have to hide their feelings in side.

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