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Heart Stealer

April 14, 2013
By Jazz66 GOLD, Irvine, California
Jazz66 GOLD, Irvine, California
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"A lover not a fighter on the front line with a poem" -battle scars

I see you so much clearer
Now that I'm far away
I can't believe what I missed
When I was close enough to say

I love you, oh I need you
What was I even thinking?
I swallowed all your stories
Without even blinking

I gave you my number
And laughed at all your jokes
I can't believe I didn't realize
It was all just a hoax

This is crazy, this is mad
This is so, so sad
I can't believe I didn't think
These thoughts I should have had

I bought the one about
The hearts and the flowers
I just had assumed
You carried magical powers

Now I know
You do this all for fun
You see how many you can make fall
I'm just another one

But this time it'll be different
It's not really revenge
It's just gonna let others know
The wrong messages you send

I'm not going to allow
Another girl to fall
For all your merciless tricks
And alluring, beckoning call

It's time you stopped playing
This little game
The pain and sorry sorrow
Are not worth your gain

I hope you had fun
It was a joy believe me
To be another victim
Of your heart stealing spree

The author's comments:
Fresh heartbreak

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