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Not You Again

April 1, 2014
By DanceOfBlades PLATINUM, Springfield, Virginia
DanceOfBlades PLATINUM, Springfield, Virginia
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"Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first Law of Equivalent Exchange."

Two years have passed, so long ticked by
You've kept the silence and so have I.
"Some things are better left unsaid,"
If only we'd thought that far ahead.

You cast me off and set me aside,
It was all that pain I couldn't hide
From your keen eyes or mine own heart
So, I too, tore us apart.

Pieces of shattered glass remained
Within my flesh perfectly stained
The memories of a brighter past,
Till only betrayal was left at last.

We spent the next year with silent glances,
Trying to busy ourselves with other trances,
We passed the moments by looking away,
Regarding each other with such dismay.

The first day came and I began to believe
That my friendship again you wished to receive
I tried to fight it to no avail
Too late! The ship had already set sail.

The author's comments:
My ex-best friend wanted to go back to being friends after we spent a year and a half on bad terms after a fight. I won't let her close to me again.

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