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Darkness Before Dawn

September 3, 2015
By futurista12 ELITE, Far Rockaway, New York
futurista12 ELITE, Far Rockaway, New York
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Dead, rotting bodies littered the path at Fort McHenry; it was a cold, blustery day

The soldiers' hope was vanishing fast, they'd even lost the urge to pray

They'd grown so weary of battle, there was no strength left to fight

And amidst the blood and casualties lay old Sam, no longer waiting for the light


He painfully crawled to where his dying friend rested; he could feel his agony

The gleaming medals on his chest spoke nothing but of his chivalry

Old Sam held his quickly fleeing friend's hand, unashamed of his tears

These terrible wars had taken a toll on his body, he'd been serving for many years


A choking gasp for air escaped his friend's throat, he was quickly passing

The pain of the loss already filled his heart, he was beginning to think pain was everlasting

His friend breathed one last breath of exhaustion, and then was quickly gone

Old Sam felt his heart grow empty, this fighting and such was just too long


Oh how sad would it be for those children whose father would never come home

And what heartbreak would his longing wife feel to be so long and alone

How could God have allowed this to happen to someone who had served Him so selflessly?

Why were we serving in a war that doesn't even make changes for our country?


The sounds of bombing and shooting had died now; it was silent as a graveyard

Sam was sure the Union had lost; the Confederates had a much better ward

What was the point of so many sacrificed, how was it that nothing had been gained?

The war was just a useless effort, his past bravery seemed so feigned


Sam spread his calloused hands over the blood-stained ground, broken shells lying there

He would just give up and die, there was nothing left, not a single tear

As Old Sam lifted his weary eyes to see the sky one last time, he heard shouts of cheer

The darkness broke forth into the light of dawn, the gloomy clouds began to clear


As the magnificent sunrise sparkled all purples, oranges, pinks, and blues

The glorious sun burst forth in beautiful, golden hues



And then Sam saw so freely waving in the distance, a flag, his American flag

Red, the color his friend's blood had courageously spilled for his country

White, the color of the peace that would soon come for our nation

And blue, the color of the nobility and how men sacrificed their lives for freedom

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