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The Demon Mosquito

January 30, 2019
By Poetgirl1 PLATINUM, Linesville, Pennsylvania
Poetgirl1 PLATINUM, Linesville, Pennsylvania
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I overact

Yes that's true

But an overactive imagination is what comes through

Just the other day a mosquito landed on me

And I started to scream a helpless plea

This fiesty little bug wouldn't let go 

For it was a demon mosquito

It sucked and sucked til I was out of breath

And my vision clouded, did I have any blood left?

Just when I thought I was coming to an end

the fiesty creature released me from its grasp

Throughout the day I was worried sick

Hoping that I didn't get the short end of the stick

One minute it was there the next it was not

The painful welt it left was bigger than a pot

You can choose to believe me or you can choose to not

Just remember one thing

My imagination is a bit over the top

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