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January 5, 2020
By Anonymous

As I lie here, drifting off
I’m not hurt, nor am I sad
But I lie here, apathetic, numb to it all
You sucked the blood out of my heart like a vacuum
Quick and effortlessly

You took it from me, my innocence
And left me here questioning any ounce of sanity I have left
I look at myself across the room in the mirror to the right of the window 
Who am I, who is he. What do I do

I’m drawing blanks, frustration taking over
I’m biting my nails, clenching my jaw
I’m so angry
I’m going to scream

I’m trapped
In this prison they call a bedroom
I’m out of air, I’m going to scream
The thoughts, the feelings all coming at once
My head is going to blow, I can’t breathe


My phone buzzes, I glance, your name flashes across the screen
Instant relief, like the way the air escapes an aired up balloon 
But why, what is so special about you? 
That smile? The way you giggle when you say something funny? All the brain behind that pretty face?
Maybe it’s simpler then that, maybe it’s not meant to be complex
Maybe, maybe it’s you.

The author's comments:

late night thoughts

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on Feb. 12 at 6:32 pm
germanshepherd323 SILVER, Yorba Linda, California
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This poem is both well written and relatable.

Nika BRONZE said...
on Jan. 16 at 8:06 pm
Nika BRONZE, Newton, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
Pursue your passions; write on.

Beautiful language.

on Jan. 16 at 12:18 pm
Panic_at_the_disco, Spring, Texas
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I love your poem.It's really good keep up the great work