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Money Tree

January 24, 2021
By ray13575 SILVER, Troy, Michigan
ray13575 SILVER, Troy, Michigan
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i. devotion


Out near the window

From morning to night

young and old bow

before my trunk.

Mother hymns of prosperity,

melodies fill my stem

Brother comes, grooms my leaves

feeds me air

Father showers me with praises

my roots with water he spray

All with one wish in mind


ii. despise


Out came the scissors that groom my petals

you drink water and breathe our air,

yet prosperity you do not bear

Brother comes and plucks my leaves,

scars non can fix

Mother looks the other way

My roots stuck in the dirt

forever trapped within the earth

They shower not with water or air

Their ears cannot hear my cries of anguish


iii. despair


Out near the sun

Where my petals face

Together they gather up,

around me they all pray

tears water my stem

Fear clouds their eyes

Greed pierce their hearts

for it is too late,

I take in one last breath

sink into the depth

along I took one last look,

for prosperity I no longer bear

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