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A Field of White Supremacy

March 8, 2021
By weirdo-poet SILVER, Palo Alto, California
weirdo-poet SILVER, Palo Alto, California
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A Field of White Supremacy

A young girl
unsure of herself
who she wants to become
how the world works
in this ever-changing heat

Watching the news
her eyebrows raised and a crease blooming
where her eyes meet
studying a dark hoodie
reading, “Camp Auschwitz”

Her eyes widen
a hand gripping her chest
wheezing for air
shards of glass
burning her lungs

She wasn’t there,
but the pain still boils in her blood
blood passed down
could never be white
always tainted,
and guilty

Your hoodie:
the slaughtering of millions
like pigs
branded with yellow stars
so their cheeks would glow red
their eyes piercing the cameras
degrading the people who worked and loved
wanted nothing more than life itself
exploited as symbols of weakness, of warning,
of isolation and disease
blown to bits
because there were problems
and they needed someone to blame

Still, you are
blaming the different
the vulnerable
to hide your shortcomings
you couldn’t even come up with
something more original
ripped a page out of the oldest book on the shelf
because defeat was unacceptable

A swarm of you
like weeds slithering
waving your flags

A blurry mess
of White
and proud

Proud to be
“saving” your country
from a “rigged” system
getting your way
that’s what you’re used to

I pity you, really
brainwashed by Hitler 2.0
next time, don’t blame the mockingbird
the daisy under your shoe

The author's comments:

I was really angry and disappointed about what happened on January 6th, so I decided to write a poem about it.  Writing helps me get my frustration out and clear my head, and hopefully others can connect/relate to it too.

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Afra ELITE said...
on Feb. 22 2022 at 2:25 am
Afra ELITE, Kandy, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"A writer must never be short of ideas."
-Gabriel Agreste- (Fictional character- Miraculous)

This is really beautiful!!! I love the choice of words...★★★

on Mar. 12 2021 at 11:54 am
weirdo-poet SILVER, Palo Alto, California
5 articles 4 photos 1 comment
:) love it