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Carole Town

March 10, 2021
By McL-number4 PLATINUM, Rolla, Missouri
McL-number4 PLATINUM, Rolla, Missouri
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Carole Town

In the middle of the town

you can locate a big, pink christmas tree

grown from the hard work of a little girl.

Next to the tree, you’ll discover the train station 

where you can sign up for a tour 

of the town anytime you want.

A couple blocks away from the tree

you’ll fall to the lot of Sunshine Carousel,

whose happy tune hasn’t stopped 

since it was built in 1960.

Across from the carousel 

is the skating rink; where you can always

meet the Victorian family 

happily skating away.

Over on Cedar Lane, you can visit

the toy factory, run by little people

with oddly shaped ears who call themselves elves.

Drive a couple miles out of town

and you’ll arrive at Mr.Tim's tree farm,

where you can always find what you’re looking for.

In one of his trees ,you can see the treehouse 

that he built for his children.

Make sure you stop by sometime.

Trust me, it will be worth your while.

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