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August 31, 2021
By eNVythe1 GOLD, Temecula, California
eNVythe1 GOLD, Temecula, California
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The beginning of human life

always beings with strife.

for infants wish to be in the mothers womb.

and for time birth leaves  mental wound.


Chatter Chatter Chatter

all the whining school boys and girls chatter

but even among this joyful chatter

many speak of death and the wish to cease

the mental chatter that seems to only increase


The smog and sound of cars fill the air

and not many people truley care

for they are to busy with their own despair


The key to happiness rattles agianst the capsule.

But this key to happiness comes at a price

which is happiness and your life.


are the sounds one hears as they lay

when asked you say i'm okay

while in your head you say nay

for you fear what you wished for has come

and that you didnt want it all along.

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