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School is boring!

January 14, 2022
By wesleyd SILVER, Lawrence, Massachusetts
wesleyd SILVER, Lawrence, Massachusetts
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School is far too boring, 

It's just so annoying 

Everyday I go to bed, it leaves me snoring.

All the assignments are way too much,

I can’t always keep up,

But I gotta keep my chin-up, everyday

Even if I had a bad morning

I gotta wake up

Even though that im yawning, 

My skills everyday are very much soaring,

I will try hard,

Even if it's the bright morning, 

So when I come around to school,

And around to class that better be a warning.

I may fall asleep in class,

But i'm not slacking, 

unlike some of my classmates,

That get caught lacking,

Anytime in class, 

They’ll get sent packing, 

to the principal's office, 

While I'm in my class snacking.

The author's comments:

My first poem of the poetry unit in 8th grade. School may be boring, but its something we have to go to reach our goals. 

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