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Laughter in Tears

May 18, 2022
By jennychip PLATINUM, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
jennychip PLATINUM, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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No memories do I hold of you anymore. 

I chose to forget and I have. 

I await your return. 

I begin to miss you. 

I can barely remember your voice.

Mellow? Gentle? Soothing?

All amiss, 

I misrecollect.

Who were you to me? All I know is 

I miss you now. 

Please come home. To me. 

When you come back finally, 

I embrace you and you embrace me

in your lies. 

When you speak 

I remember. 

I forgot who you were. 

I was persuaded that you were 


him before the deception. 

Before the lies. When you were

my Love.

But I remember now. 

Now you argue and hurt.


I laugh because I’ve missed you, 

but I cry because you’re here.

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