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June 2, 2022
By StevanSoto BRONZE, Hemet, California
StevanSoto BRONZE, Hemet, California
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Now Depression is a mental illness

We can’t always express

The way we cover it up

With words like im fine or yup

Others cover it up with wine

But mine is a perfect way; a smile

As I say keeps, the nerves away

While many stay

In the position, they're in

I just go and lay;

Sometimes I play

Depression is an illness

It is nobody's business

Only we can survive the fight we are in

So put up a smile and thrive for success

Because we know ourselves truly best

We are given a test

While we may be depressed

We never really expressed

Our feelings but rather we help others

We help them to get out of their situation

That's when the creativity comes in

We become numb to our pain

It tends to become a gain

Rum is the drink; the drink 

When we want to see the end

We try and bend the rules

But at school, we pretend that it's all ok

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