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When the Sun meets the Ocean

June 8, 2022
By saesame SILVER, Port Moody, Columbia
saesame SILVER, Port Moody, Columbia
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The soft sunlight glistens through the heavy clouds, 
onto the ocean’s horizon. 
with the movement of the water, it shimmers, 
a perfect synchronization. 
The vast royal blue 
reflects streaks of bright orange  
that all trace to an orb of light, 
screaming amber into the sky, 
intimidating the dusky clouds 
As it descends into the orange-blue, 
the last bit of light radiates 
into your eyes, 
like a flower blossoming only for a minute. 
When its time is up, 
the gold petals drift off 
and sink back under the azure ocean 
once again. 
Darkness patches the midnight blue 
The sewn-on reflections barely seen, 
still syncing with the night breeze. 
When dawn comes, a nascent of  
aureate petals rise again, 
This time, blossoming for a day. 

The author's comments:

This is an imagery piece about sunset and sunrise I saw at an ocean I went to with my family when I was little. It was a very vivid memory I still had so I decided to write a piece about it so I could remember it even clearer. I also gave it some meaning of a "new beginning" at the end.

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