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i want you

September 14, 2009
By lizzybaby SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
lizzybaby SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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i want you more then i ever did,
it still hurts not having you.
its not what i want, but im with him,
i want to explain but im not sure how to.
i dont know what draws me in,
and pulls me farther way from him.
but theres this deep desire,
that burns like fire,
and makes me want to give in.
Theres just something about you,
that makes my heart beat faster,
this situation we're in,
is a total disaster.
we deserve to try,
we've waited to long,
but your need to be a good friend,
is far too strong.
I know this is mean,
but its oh so true,
i wish just this once,
me and you,
could hurt someone else,
by telling the truth,
truth being i dont want him, i just want you.

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