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A Maquerade Ball

October 4, 2009
By LovelyAvi BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
LovelyAvi BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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The moonlight shines on humanity
And gives stolen light from the sun
Everyone smiles and dances
Everyone is content and fine
We lock hands and
You look into my eyes
You say you love me, and the night is mine
Cheerful laughter is all around us
You smile, and I’m in love
You wrap your arms around my body
We twirl in circles, then you let go
And appear behind me
You repeat your words from before
“I love you,”
You say as the knife enters my back
And pierces my heart, a lethal attack
Your lies pierce through me like a dagger
Your smile diminishes, and the mask peels off
I turn around my vision blurred
As I take in the sight of this hideous monster
I scream, then the dancing stops
Everyone smiles as they step closer
And the mask fall
“Love, don’t you see?” he asks
“What is a masquerade Ball without masks”
My face is twisted and deformed as I fall down into a black pit
Death’s cold fingers pull at my soul towards the pit, and I slip
Blood pours from my broken pierced heart
I close my eyes…

“Wake up” a soft voice whispers
I scream, because it’s the mask of the monster
“Calm down, it was all a dream, just a bad dream”
My hands touch his face, and I let my fingers run over his skin
Of Course it’s real
“Why don’t you just lay down” he says
“I’m fine, might as well get ready”
He nods then leaves out the door
I look in the mirror
And I see the scar from where I was stabbed in the back
My heart throbs, and tears fall from my eyes
Then finally at last I smile through the pain and I face the world
I smile at people as they walk past, and they smile back
Everyone seems happy, even me
After all you can’t have a Masquerade ball without masks

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