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October 4, 2009
By LovelyAvi BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
LovelyAvi BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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Love is never without pain
And pain is never without reason
Sadly not every reason is a good one
Why people feel the need to destroy
Is there a good reason for that?
I don’t know
Maybe its because its natural for things to die
So others can live
Or is it simply deep down inside
We’re monsters who feed off destruction
Why is it with the increase of the human population?
There is the decrease of animal habitation?
Is it because people need the land to live
Or because people are ignorant
And inconsiderate
Of the natural life around them
Why is it that I hate to see others in pain
Is it because I am just kind
Or is it because it reminds me of my own pain inside
And the pain I know others experience
But I just like to ignore others hurt and be ignorant
Why are people so ignorant
Is it because we’re made that way
Or is it because that’s the way we choose to stay
We choose ignorance, because its easier to ignore
To not have to deal with pain…
And that thing called love that us humans adore
We overlook, ignore, and diregard
Because after all, facing the truth is hard
Why is it that the truth has to hurt?
Is it because maybe the truth doesn’t have to hurt
It doesn’t hurt if you already know how to face it
If you chose knowledge over ignorance
If you chose love over hate
Maybe that’s why the truth is that way
After all love is never without pain
And pain is never without reason
But sadly not all reasons are good ones
So why do I have to have so many whys, and questions
And why do I have to think of reasons
When none of them answer my questions
Why do I try to fit in, when we’re all different
I have no idea, I have no idea whatsoever
I think I’d just rather prefer to be ignorant
Maybe that’s the answer?

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