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see this thing

October 18, 2009
By justjessie GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
justjessie GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
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if i cant be something to someone then i want to be nothing to everyone

this thing is loaded, ready to go
dare to hurt my heart, thatll be the end of the show
no one can compare, no kiss ever as soft
and im losing to absolutely nothing at all.
this town is killing me in memories rain
and even if the sun shines im still in pain.
words are broken sentences we use to prove a point,
but chop and screw the letters, watch your friends pass the joint.
these people dont know me and they stll know more then my mom,
im done with having no one but im still not the one thats wrong.
type these poems that i feel are in suffice,
i have a made my decision to do it,
and ill use this device.
kill myself slowly, pushing thru the day,
wondering why im here and why i have to stay.
its a curse and blessing but were all doomed.
is God real or did we come from a big boom?
NO God certainly is the over-ruling one.
so why am i this bad and why do i always have to run.
my feet are tired, heart is heavy, mind blank and im full of hate,
thats that i dont give a f*** attitude that keeps me in this state.
how can i get better if im going nowhere fast and im sorry to all those that i have hurt in the past.
make this right lets go left leave me in the wrong.
now the movies over as the credits roll i cry to the ending song.
nothings alright and im not ok,
but see this thing, take it from me so i may live just one more day.

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