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cant get enough of IT!

October 18, 2009
By justjessie GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
justjessie GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
if i cant be something to someone then i want to be nothing to everyone

we all wanna hear it.
we all wanna feel it.
but who is willing to give it?
and when we give it, is it received and cherished?
and when we finally hear it, do we believe it?
why is it hard to believe and accept it if its what we want so bad?
we live for it.
we die for it.
we give everything we have for it.
we cry when its abused.
and we begged for it after its been used.
it can hurt the most.
it can feel the best.
it can go on forever.
it can end in a second.
words can tint it.
words can bring it to life.
words dont compare to it.
we can break hearts for it.
we can kill for it.
we can give your own life's for it.
it has the power to change us.
it has the power to mold or conform us.
its too easy to do.
its too difficult to understand.
we can sometimes hold it.
we most of the time cant see it.
some never hear it.
some never feel it.
some never give it.
some wont receive it.
some forget all about it.
some just throw it away.
some use it to manipulate.
some use it to forget about their own pain.
some take advantage of it.
it can have a name.
it can have a face.
it can be real.
it can be in vain.
it can be just words.
it can feel like flying.
it can feel like drowning.
it can feel like heaven. it can feel like hell.
it can feel like nuasea.
it can feel like fainting.
it can feel like floating.
it can feel like hunger.
it can feel like starvation.
it can feel fulfilling.
it can feel like a dream.
it can make memories.
it can make jealousy.
it can make everything better.
but everything is still the same.
it could never be described.
sometimes its too much.
sometimes its not enough.
it is what makes the world go round.
it tears our worlds apart.
it has no mercy.
it has no end.
it is never self serving.
it will always lead us in the right direction.
it is more then a word.
it is LOVE.

The author's comments:
thats just IT! (:

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