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even losers can win

October 19, 2009
By justjessie GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
justjessie GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
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if i cant be something to someone then i want to be nothing to everyone

what a beautiful space to hide my face
such a familiar sound
to know where you can be found
the perfect time for piece of mind
the anwser is now to show me how
a spoken word is understood
a best friend and even more a lover
only the best for the best
and never anything less
no hurt or pain in sight
we have won the fight
good and evil
cruel and kind
that girl never really had you because you were always destined to be all mine
but the people stop and stare, go on theres nothing that great i swear
to the passer-by's its just amazing to watch
how two individuals can love so much
without the slightest touch
we are not like the rest of you
with black hearts and broken shoes
we dont curse our very own lifes
for we reach high and for greatness strive
they are weak we are strong
and only it only us who really belong
such a word to use
when you know nothing at all
love isnt just for fun
its for sincerely willing to give your all.
maybe these things wont come as such a suprise but realize that you may have won but i claimed the prize.
and honestly i mean that in the nicest way
it all comes back to knowing when and what to say.
the broken hearted will always mend, and the one breaking hearts will never ever win in the end.

The author's comments:
this is to/about my bf's ex girlfriend who has tried to ruin anything good in his life because she is unhappy herself. venting again i suppose (:

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