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It's Ok

October 26, 2009
By BrendaBand SILVER, Londonderry, New Hampshire
BrendaBand SILVER, Londonderry, New Hampshire
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You're gone.
It's ok,
Because I still have memories.
Remembering picnicing on the lawn?
And "Spring Cleaning" in the middle of May?
It's ok.
I'm not sure,
where you are.
Remebering listening to the cat's purr?
And singing to Slipknot in the car?
It's ok,
It's benn a year,
since I last saw you.
Are you anywhere near?
I have no clue.
It's ok.
You said you'd be back in a few days,
but it's been longer than that.
What'd you get stuck in a maze?
So now you can't call me back?
It's ok.
I wish you were here.
To tell me goodnight.
To get rid of all my fears,
and to stop my brothers stupid fights.
It's ok.
Maybe one day,
We'll pass eachother on the road.
Just maybe I'll see you again,

The author's comments:
This is about my mom when she left for Florida.
She was going to get rehab for her Alcohol Addiction and she never came back.
I haven't talked to or seen her since.

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dule05 BRONZE said...
on Nov. 20 2009 at 7:17 pm
dule05 BRONZE, Kraljevo, Other
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"In the end, the only people who fail are those who do not try." ~David Viscott

I'm really sorry for what happened to your mum...great way to express your feelings...

on Nov. 7 2009 at 9:03 am
Miss_Bliss GOLD, Waban, Massachusetts
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-Thomas Edison

This is BEAUTIFUL. Though neither of my parents have left us, I can feel your pain through the poem almost as though it's my own. I love how you sort of rhyme, constantly using the refrain, "it's ok." I'd love to read more!