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I Don't Want to be at the Pity Party

October 22, 2009
By writingsavedmylife SILVER, Livonia, Michigan
writingsavedmylife SILVER, Livonia, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can't just accept it and leave it in a cupboard or just think it's going to get on by itself. You've got to keep watering it. You've got to really look after it and nurture it." - John Lennon

"In my end is my beginning."... - T.S. Eliot

I pity the pretties.
Because they'll never know natural beauty.
Never knowing their true selves
Just fake tans and boob jobs.
I pity the princesses
Because they'll never know the feeling of a job well done.
Never knowing what it's like to work for something
Just what it's like to beg Daddy.
I pity the plastered
Because they'll never know the meaning of fun
Never making memories to last a lifetime
Just feeling what it's like to be hungover.
I pity the presumptuous
Because they'll never know what it's like to be humble.
Never learning from someone who's better
Just because they think they're the best.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by my realization of how glad I am to not be "popular."

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on Nov. 21 2009 at 2:58 pm
Ryan Tierney GOLD, Massapequa, New York
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i really really like this!