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Love Hurts, Hate Kills

October 28, 2009
By Jazzzy517 GOLD, Meriden, Connecticut
Jazzzy517 GOLD, Meriden, Connecticut
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Love Hurts,
It takes away your will to fight back when it harms you.
It blocks you eyes and clouds your mind. So you can’t find your way back to common sense.
Your common sense knows when love is no good for you anymore.
But your heart just won’t listen to what it doesn’t want to hear.
What it doesn’t want to hear is the hard truth.
And sometimes the hard truth is that love has failed you.

Hate Kills,
It tears you limb from painful limb.
It discriminates and segregates, yet it touches everyone.
It stabs your heart and burns your soul.
It changes you into a bottomless black hole.
It traps you in a corner and kicks you down, until you just don’t want to try getting up anymore.

Hate kills your need to live; and love your will to fight.

But which is crueler?

Is it hate?
Which tells you to your face it wants nothing more than to make you whither with anguish.
Or is it love?
Which sways you into believing that you are all that matters… and it would never harm you.

But love lies.
And love lifts you into the glistening cobalt blue sky… and when you think nothing can put down your incredible high…..
It drops you.
No warning.
Not a care.
And when you land face first in the dirt… it leaves you all alone to suffer.

It ignores your muffled cries.
And your tormented voice…. Begging “WHY?”

The author's comments:
bad experience... rather not talk about it

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