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November 16, 2009
By qwertyqwerty123 PLATINUM, Concord, California
qwertyqwerty123 PLATINUM, Concord, California
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Favorite Quote:
"prey on the old and your a coward
prey on the young and your pathetic
prey on the weak and your even weaker
prey on my friends and your history"
- fearless: payback (book 6) by francine pascal

All our perspectives are different
This is true
Though we can change them
That’s not what we do

Most of the time
We just argue it out
The loser giving way
With a pout

Our perspectives are different
Yours isn’t the best
This you don’t understand
Yours isn’t better than the rest

Our perspectives on life
Are from our experience
No one has the same life
Thus our perspectives’ difference

We’re not the same
Understand this please
Don’t force your perspective
On anyone, on me

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