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the ceiling window

December 8, 2009
By LIKEwhoaa GOLD, Carrollton, Texas
LIKEwhoaa GOLD, Carrollton, Texas
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The window on the ceiling opens up to the sky.
& even though no one can reach it,
i still feel like its open.
Like its open & I can touch the stars
with my little finger,
& they giggle,
because stars are ticklish.
& even though no one can reach it,
i still feel like the night is coming into the house
& resting on my face.
Tucking itself in underneath my covers
& slowly drifting off to a deep slumbering sleep.
& even though it’s not open,
{this sky window}
i feel like I can see through it,
& watch the comets travel around the Sun in a
highly elliptical orbit,
because you can’t help
but orbit elliptically
when you are a relatively small
extraterrestrial body consisting of frozen ice & dust.
That window isn’t open,
but i know that if i try hard enough,
i can reach my arms out through it,
to stir
& mix
the Milky Way galaxy until all the black holes
The window on the ceiling opens up
& lets the world in.
So that it can rock me to sleep
& i can slip into a place
where night tucks itself in
& stars giggle with the fly-by-comets,
who soar through the
black hole
Milky Way

The author's comments:
staring up at the skylight in my loft and this seemed like a nursery rhyme :)

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on Jan. 9 2011 at 8:08 pm
MaddieWo PLATINUM, Marstons Mills, Massachusetts
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Awe it does sound kind of like a nursery rhyme, like the cradle on the tree-top one but a lot less dangerous haha. I love it--its so descriptive and peaceful and creative :)