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KIller Instincs

October 20, 2009
By Geisbengals GOLD, West Jefferson, Ohio
Geisbengals GOLD, West Jefferson, Ohio
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As you lie ther on your slab
Im examining my shining instruments
Choosing the sharpest utinsle possible
Drawing on ur flesh
For the right spot to slice
A blood curdling scream escapes ur lips
Now there's a perfect square cutout in your delicate side
The missing piece is now sizzling in a pan
To make you plead for me to stop
a couple drops of avid into your fresh wound
Torture fades across your sweet face
Your pain sends a loving chill through my body
i get a secret thrill as i wathc your eyes glaze over with fear
You start to squirm in the restraints
I tighten them until your wrists and ankles start to bleed

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