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January 2, 2010
By nuketree BRONZE, College Point, New York
nuketree BRONZE, College Point, New York
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Before that moment, all was black,
from that simple thing i used to lack,
and now that my eyes have adjusted to light,
the darkness seems to be coming back.

In the harsh light, everything is sinking,
counterclockwise, two hands are turning,
back into thought, feelings are subliming
and stars, the stars and streetlights are blinking
softer, softer, the blue flame is burning,
the light descending instead of climbing.
To sleep, be dreaming instead of thinking,
to stop, be silent instead of learning,
to dull, lackluster instead of shining,

to burn down to a dim ember
and to no longer remember.
Why is it that I love you so?
It seems that I no longer know.

The reasons are there, but they've turned to stone
no longer a mystery, but so well known
to me, that they are like that old song,
i know where every single beat belongs,
the chords and the phrases so worn with wear,
that I no longer seem to care,
about the meaning.
and nothing within my mind is intervening.

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