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Things Left Unsaid

January 26, 2010
By MrsChelseaElder SILVER, Knox, Indiana
MrsChelseaElder SILVER, Knox, Indiana
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Its only a mistake if you never learn from it.

You have no right to judge me
You have no right to stare
You have no right to call me names
As if I wasn't there
You say you're so much better
But this I haven't seen
The way you treat the ones you love
To me just seems obscene
I try to seem oblivious
Or act as I don't care
But I can't just stand aside
And take this anymore
I'm gonna take a chance
And try to prove you wrong
Show you that I was truly
The better person all along
I'm tired of being pushed around
Sick of being used
Wish I wasn't so screwed up
Then I'd be good enough for you
I'll never mean to hurt you
I'm sure you feel the same
Cuz when I say I love you
I really mean what I say
Our past is just our past
Our futures all that matters
So lets let go of all the bad things
And accept that its forever

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