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The Bey

February 9, 2010
By DarkAngel14 SILVER, Grand Forks, North Dakota
DarkAngel14 SILVER, Grand Forks, North Dakota
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Colors abound,
In this magical place,
Striking the sky,
In colorful hues,
Faries fly across the sky,
Fire breathing dragons,
Bring on the demise,
Of lambs and sheep,
Centaurs roam,
The mossy fields,
Butterflies dot the skys,
Mirmaids swim in the see,
Their fins a shiny display,
Many a sailor can see,
Why living on the Island can be,
Such a wonderful thing,
But hardly will you hear,
Bout the terrible things,
Bout the gremlins,
And goblins,
The rats too,
All controled by the evil,
All powerful Bey,
A creature so fowl,
The dragons cringe,
We hide in our candle lit caves,
Homes and huts,
And when we hear the Bey coming,
We blow out our light,
And pray for the morning light,
And wait for day to come.

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