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February 16, 2010
By bdawwg05 SILVER, Hoosick Falls, New York
bdawwg05 SILVER, Hoosick Falls, New York
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I feel like we are falling apart
somewhere deep inside of me I know it's true
I don't want to believe it
I don't want to believe we have drifted
because of the distance.
The way I speak to you and the way you speak to me
our voices are clouded and clogged
with fake laughs and fake sympathy.
You ask me how my family is doing
I saw we're getting through the hard times
I ask you how's school
you say it's better.
I feel a catch in my throat when you say you're busy for the next couple of weeks.
that's too bad, I was hoping we could hang out.
You talk about your new friend like she's gold
I have nobody to talk about.
I feel anger and pain and I regret never answering
your calls or texts.
If only you could understand the way I'm feeling
but communication was lacking.
I have to go, I'll call you back
but something tells me you wont.

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