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The Story of the Sun.

February 16, 2010
By shelby_kat DIAMOND, Warren, Ohio
shelby_kat DIAMOND, Warren, Ohio
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It’s just another beautiful afternoon,
The Flowers are singing,
The Trees are whistling,
The Sun is setting-
And the Clouds all gather to wish it goodbye.
Each one a different color,
Each color a different emotion.
The Sun then steals these feelings
And becomes a brillent red before vanishing beneath the hills
And robbing the Clouds of their fill.
So the Sun-
Oh so very selfish-
Knows that the clouds would be there to get their color every morning
And every night.
So he will never be lonely.
But one day,
One very courageous Cloud ran after the sun
Because he was sick of being empty.
But right before her could reach the Sun-
He evaporated.
Because the Sun had so much emotion that it radiated,
Meaning no one could ever reach it.
Making the Sun untouchable.
So the Clouds suffered.
And when the Sun left-they were empty.
When the Humans finally had enough,
Nights were pronounced a time of rest.
Because no one could ever stand to watch the clouds cry all night.

When the world was on the brink of flooding from tears,
The Humans decided to make a plan.
They would make another Sun
One to make the orginal Sun fall in love with it.
They succeed,
And they called it the Moon.
So the next night,
The Sun saw the Moon and fell in love with her at first sight.
The Sun then tried to win the Moon over,
Anything you want name it, and it will be yours.
Said the Sun.
The Moon was smart though and simply replied,
I want all the love you have.
So before the Sun set it took all the Clouds emotions one final time
And gave all his love to the Moon.
The Moon,
Now stronger then the Sun,
Over powered him.
And she told him to never touch the Clouds again.
The Clouds were happy.
They celebrated and made her their Queen of the Night.
The Sun,
So humilated,
Then went far far away.
To aviod the pain,
And to greive in peace.
But everynight,
He gazes down at her,
And watches her radiate in his love and light up the dark sky.

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