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February 17, 2010
By Abe Kipnis SILVER, South Salem, New York
Abe Kipnis SILVER, South Salem, New York
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Your mind is one of the most
Amazing devices ever used.

In the beginning of the universe,
Man used it to create fire, his curiosity
Leading him to discover how to create a life-supporting source
Of heat and light.

Man evolved faster, and quicker, advancing his knowledge,
And in turn advanced his imagination.
He could use his hands, walls, and dyes to express himself,
Teaching stories to his kin.

Man learned to hate, and created weapons
To destroy his enemy.
He learned to kill, capture and pillage other towns.

Then Man was taught the idea of friendship,
And used it to his advantage, creating allies
To help him on his journey into the unknown.

And so we continue on this quest for knowledge.
Men, women and children use their minds every day,
And although collective knowledge is so immense,
The vast amount of things we do not know
Are greater than how much we do.

So use your mind, every day.
Learn something, and maybe someday,
It will be used to advance us.

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