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Why Do You Hate Me So?

February 22, 2010
By ZbHolland GOLD, Knoxville, Tennessee
ZbHolland GOLD, Knoxville, Tennessee
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Never forget the haunting past, for all you know came from it

Out there, you hate me,
Only in my mind am I free from hate,
But I wish it wasn't that way,
Your passion to hate me is strong,
You taunt me and insult me daily,

Who do you hate me so?
Have I ever done you wrong?
To hate me without cause is pointless,
For me to be different is your only reason,
For me to hide from you is pointless,
For me to say anything back is pointless,

Why do you hate me so?
Does causing me pain, help you?
I can never feel safe out there,
Only in my mind do i feel safe,
But it is changing to where that is no longer true,
My expectations of the world are little,
The sadness I feel is unbearable at times,

Why do you taunt and hate me?
Is there nothing I can do to make you stop?
My life is nothing but fear and sadness,
My strength is slowly going away from me,
No longer can i fight back when you hit me,
No longer can I cry, for it is part of life now,
Your hate has been beaten into me,

Why do you hate me so?
Where I hide you fine me,
I get tired of having to do so,
I am only me, it has nothing to do with you,
That is your reason for your hate?

Why do you hate me so?
I will tell you why you hate me so,
Because nobody else likes me,
Because I am different in other's views,
Because I show to much passion,
You hate me because I am brave,
You hate me because I am something you can never be,
I am proud of myself and you aren't,
That is why you hate me so.

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