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Sucess is Still Within My Range

March 4, 2010
By stmxo12 SILVER, Troy, Pennsylvania
stmxo12 SILVER, Troy, Pennsylvania
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"The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

With your help I've overcome the boldest endeavors,
You've lite a torch within me that will shine forever,
I lie awake thinking of ways to express my gratitude,
For your helping me develop this positive, healthy attitude.

I'm flying, soaring, I can achieve- the sky is my limit,
It always will be as long as my heart and mind commit,
"Make good choices," you're always saying merrily,
When, as you know, my world has been full of the contrary.

Yet all I want to do is for you to truly look and see,
This monster you've come to know isn't really me,
This ogre has done nothing but make me cringe with shame,
Developing habits that disgrace the new person I've recently became.

I only hope to make you the proudest you'll ever be,
When the good in me is all anyone will ever see,
I'll have the biggest smile of all time with lustrous eyes,
After overcoming these many dishonorable dazed lies.

You're open arms have gave me the optimism that better days come along,
Keeping me confident; keeping me so very strong,
I've become an amended person but only because of these trials,
After traveling this rocky road for many, many miles.

When I feel as though I cannot merely go on,
And when all the happiness of my being has been withdrawn,
You are the angel in my heart that silently whispers something encouraging,
My negative thoughts are intimately gone; or at least subsiding.

You are a model of the person that I wish to someday simulate,
Having all the qualities I wish to internally create,
Because of you I indirectly request to be better,
I will strive to accomplish the assumed to be impossible and greater.

I will no longer define myself as a ghastly person,
I can only go up from here; I refuse to worsen,
I've made mistakes that I cannot change,
But I've learned that success is still within my range.

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