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March 22, 2010
By Alissarose PLATINUM, Frederick, Maryland
Alissarose PLATINUM, Frederick, Maryland
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"Roses are red, violets are blue. My rose is white and its bleeding for you..."

You hurt me,
I know.
The everlasting
sting still lingers.
My mind
wants to hate you.
But my heart
still wants to love you.

My body now
I'm tearing myself
apart for you.
To forgive someone
I can't live without;
To forget a man
who broke a promise.

You choked and
you lied.
It's not like you,
I know it's someone else.
Just tell me why?
Give me a good reason
as to why?
I will forgive you.
Just tell me.

I love you beyond
your knowledge.
You say the same
but I'm so confused.
Stop saying:
"I'm so sorry" and
"I'm a horrible person"
It's not true.

You are forgiven...

The author's comments:
To my dearest, Wil.

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