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April 18, 2010
By FreakShow818 PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
FreakShow818 PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Never Let The Fear OF Striking Out Keep You From Playing The Game."

A frozen mind,
A frozen heart
Nothing to write
Everything to start
New Songs
New Friends
New Life
New Time
But if you stay here for long
You'll be out of touch with the rest
Town between two
One stronger
One new
Not knowing what to do
But finally, a light
It shines clear, warm and near
Something familiar
Understandable, not frightening
I'm not alone anymore
I'm not left out in the storm
The change is all I wanted
I got it, and now I never want it reversed...

The author's comments:
I moved to a new school in a different state for a while, and then I moved back to my other school. When I got back to my other school, I knew I'd be going back AGAIN to that other school, so I was worried because I was beginning to love where I was again, and I was really scared.

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