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The Fountain

May 4, 2010
By Razor SILVER, Everett, Washington
Razor SILVER, Everett, Washington
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"Behind the hatred there lies a murderous desire for love"

To people that pass by you everyday,
You're just a thing in their way.
A piece of rock with no pourpose at all...
But oh my dear friend how worng they are.
You hold all my mysteries and my childish wishes,
Your granite limps have caught my tears,
Your solid ears have heard my prayers.
You're so much more than rubble,
You're my fountain of hope.

The author's comments:
When I use to live in vancouver I stayed with my grandma alot. In her front yard she had a pound that held alot of fish. When I was feeling down I would go out and sit on the stone steps of the pound and listen to the water rush over the fountain that pumped the water out. And as I sat there my troubles ran away along with the water.

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