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Just a Game

April 15, 2010
By Wit_and_Envy PLATINUM, Salem, Oregon
Wit_and_Envy PLATINUM, Salem, Oregon
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I stare through the net,
At the girls I am against,
Spunk and Silent,
I have named those girls,
Who look like twins,
But are really just best friends,
Spunk smiles and yells,
And I raise my eyebrows,
At her 'Yo ma' jokes, and hip thrusts,
Silent stares at her friend,
Looking almost ashamed,
Yet proud,
Somehow proud,
Like she was challenging anyone to make a comment,
And I stayed silent,
I hit the birdie,
And Silent moved while Spunk grooved to some silent music,
I wished I had a friendship,
Just like that,
And the birdie,
Now so small,
Fell through the net,
Silent hit it,
And we lost the bet,
And Spunk granted us all,
With another joke,
About our mothers,
I just smiled,
It is just a game,
And it looked like Silent said the same.

The author's comments:
True story.

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