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Natural Appreciation

May 5, 2010
By hxcRocker DIAMOND, Haiku, Hawaii
hxcRocker DIAMOND, Haiku, Hawaii
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The evening air flows through the trees
Cools my face with a fresh breeze

A great tree stands alone
Its bark ancient
It looks down from its highest branches
And remembers the roots that gave it life

At night, stars become gods
Clouds become imagination and inspiration
For artists and poets alike

The great volcano looms in the distance, half hidden by clouds
Almost invisible as the night blankets it

The lights flicker on
One by one
Life so distant yet so bright

Beauty that touches all senses
The taste of cool fresh air
The touch of the eastern winds
The sight of tranquility and peace
The sound of the wind through leaves and songs through birds

The night touches the soul
Breathes memories and lifts dreams

The author's comments:
a night of star gazing led me too write this poem. I just noted all that was around me and made it into a poem when i got home. I love the night.

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