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Let it Be

May 15, 2010
By GiSELA SILVER, Escondido, California
GiSELA SILVER, Escondido, California
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Favorite Quote:
Life is about doing things people said you couldn't do.

Why is she feeling like this?
Why is she like this?
Why does she still live?
Why does she say what she says?
Questions are blinding her from reality
She cannot believe it
She doesn’t want to grow, she wants to die in peace
But she knows it doesn’t work that way
At least not right now
Life doesn’t deserve that, even when you think it does
Life is so fast and short
Doesn’t want to live it, Doesn’t want to die it
Life is confusing and immature
So many questions surrounding her of the purpose she’s breathing
Just let life be itself
The way it should and shouldn’t be

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this poem is me actually because this person is about me. I was at this time where i didn't think we had a reason to live and i was going through a lot and all i truly wanted to do is die.

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