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The Holocaust

May 29, 2010
By Chloe27 SILVER, Shawnee, Kansas
Chloe27 SILVER, Shawnee, Kansas
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Innocent people on a clear day,
Are hoarded together and taken away.
The people are scared about what will happen. They cry.
But if you speak out, you'll be shot. You'll die.
Hoarded into a cattle car,
No food, no water. The journey is days, it is so far.

They ask, "Why do we deserve this? What did we do?"
The answer the Germans gave was untrue.
With euphemisms and lies, how was anybody supposed to figure it out?
The victims knew it was wrong, but people on the outside had doubts.
They thought the Nazis were helping them through hard times.
But the real story was the Nazis were committing atrocious crimes.

Upon arrival at the camps, the people went through selection.
Mothers hid their children behind them for protection.
If you went to the left, you were weak, young, or old.
"You get a shower" is what they were told.
But it was not a shower.
It was not a shower.
Every death from the gas chambers, gave the Nazis the sense of power.
If you went to the right, you had to work.
Don't get the wrong idea, this was no perk.
If you messed up you would get shot.
Many died from malnutrition or sickness. Their bodies would start to rot.

Eleven million dead.
Can you wrap that number around your head?
That's the number of people in 143 Chiefs football stadiums. 143.
This will never be ok, to no degree.
Eleven million dead, so many lives.
It wasn't that great for those who happened to survive.
Families wiped away.
This was genocide and I pray
That this won't happen again.
This horrible, ruthless killing. It wasn't ok then,
It will never be ok now.
I can hardly react to what happened. I just say, "wow"

Anyone who says the Holocaust didn't happen, they're insane.
Those people are ignoring an event that caused so much pain.
Today, tomorrow, and forever never forget.
Never forget, or you will have regret.
Because it could happen to you.

The author's comments:
In social studies we learned about the Holocaust. It is so sad, I had to express myself about it.

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on Jul. 6 2010 at 10:16 pm
skywriter PLATINUM, Hood River, Oregon
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I love that the poetry of the holocaust is so deep. You really hit a sound spot with this one. Check out my holocaust poetry!